Marcon project management


Marcon draws on our understanding of the design process, contract language, scheduling, construction techniques, costs and construction law to provide project owners with the critical information they need to manage construction claims. Marcon provides owners with an assessment of the outstanding issues, highlighting the liability of the design professionals, contractors, subcontractors and the owner. We can assist in developing a strategy to resolve claims and disputes. Our experience includes a wide range of construction disputes, from common to out-of-the-ordinary.

Services Include:

  • - Initial claim evaluation and strategy
  • - Schedule development and time impact analysis
  • - Claim entitlement and cost impact analysis
  • - Claim preparation and evaluation
  • - Factual and technical investigation
  • - Meditation/arbitration support
  • - Open book tendering
  • - Alternative dispute resolution
  • - Litigation support and expert testimony
  • - Construction claims resolution


Most problems centre around money and time-related issues resulting from design adjustments or construction problems. Such issues cause delay, disruption and rising costs. Our focus is to identify potential problems before they escalate and to resolve issues quickly.

For disputes that cannot be resolved amicably, we provide litigation and arbitration support to lawyers, consultants, developers, financial institutions, government and contractors.

Services Include:

  • - Cost management
  • - Project management
  • - Construction management
  • - Planning supervision
  • - Tenant liaison and retail delivery
  • - Strategic risk, procurement and programming advice


Marcon’s experienced perspective can mean the difference between treating the symptoms of a defect and implementing an enduring solution. Our goal is to see that a construction defect issue is resolved expeditiously and cost-effectively, so your project can remain on track.

As an impartial party, Marcon provides assessment of ongoing and completed construction projects to assess and quantify defects. From our experience and interpretation of contract documents, we can provide opinions regarding causation and applicable liability and make recommendations for repair.

Services Include:

  • - Investigation and inspection of existing or potential problems
  • - Causation & liability identification
  • - Independent construction cost estimation
  • - Financial damage assessment
  • - Evaluation of repair options
  • - Litigation strategy development, from construction, engineering and financial vantage points
  • - Expert reporting & testimony
  • - Exhibit preparation