Marcon project management


Today’s construction process has become increasingly complex and owners face more construction delivery options than ever before. In order to provide owners with the services they request, contractors, subcontractors and design professionals must be able to provide their services under a variety of scenarios. Each construction project has inherent opportunities, benefits, risks and pitfalls.

Effective construction project management can help you avoid costly claims and litigation – start managing your risk better today. Make sure your construction projects are completed on time and within budget – minus costly claims and lawsuits. Staying current on construction issues and trends has never been this important.

Whether you’re new to construction project management or very experienced, this training is your key to a better managed project and a better bottom line.


  • - Discover key risk management strategies
  • - Minimize risk by understanding the nuts and bolts of construction contracts
  • - Tracking delay, inefficiency and acceleration headaches – get the project back on track
  • - Avoid common pitfalls by using CPM scheduling to your advantage
  • - Using documentation to manage and prevent construction claims
  • - Reduce headaches by developing strategies for dealing with project changes