Marcon project management


Steps in developing a marketing strategy would include:

  • - Define your marketing objectives
  • - Research the market
  • - Define your business objectives
  • - Develop your marketing strategic options and agree on strategy
  • - Develop a marketing plan
  • - Review the strategy and plan

The success of the strategic marketing process depends on asking the right questions at stage 2 and would include:

  • - What are our company’s core strengths and are we focusing on them?
  • - What are our competitors doing and how they will react to our strategy?
  • - What makes certain market segments or products more attractive to our company?
  • - Are we in the markets that are most attractive to us?


As competition further intensifies, and supply continues to outpace demand for construction products and services, the rules of marketing are being rewritten. With this evolution, the need for more sophisticated, aggressive, focused, and regimented marketing management is more critical than ever before. A strategic marketing plan is your key to a better bottom line.

Services Include:

  • - Strategic market planning
  • - Marketing audits and re-engineering
  • - Marketing & business development system re-engineering
  • - Customer retention program
  • - Merger & acquisition services